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A bizarre investigative piece published by 9NEWS, the NBC affiliate that reportedly hired the unlicensed security guard who fatally shot a Trump supporter during a Denver “Patriot Rally,” exposes the news station for contracting multiple unlicensed security guards..

An investigation self-run by the publication found that 30-year-old Matthew Dolloff—who is facing second-degree murder charges for the alleged killing of a conservative demonstrator during dueling Denver rallies on Saturday—is not the only non-credentialed security guard to accompany 9NEWS crews at riots during the past five months. In fact, Dolloff is one of five unlicensed security agents.

Under a taunting “Training Matters” heading, 9NEWS admitted that “those guards were not required to go through the extensive training Denver mandates all private security guards receive.”

A license requires 16 hours of required training in addition to eight annual hours for renewal. To achieve armed status approved by the Denver Police Department, an applicant must be endorsed by written request.

“You can’t always go right to a firearm or lethal force,” International Counterintelligence Services president Grant Linhart, one of the city-approved security trainers, told 9NEWS. “Licensing and training requirements are important, so you know your operational boundaries—otherwise you run amok.”

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin urged her 2.2 million followers to question the NBC affiliate’s intentions and infrastructure.

“If you want straight answers from @9news about WHO contracted with left-wing Trump-hating #denvershooting suspect Matthew Dolloff, WHY station pointed finger at Pinkerton instead of taking responsibility & WHAT else they’re hiding, share the hashtag: #9NewsDoesntWantYouToKnow,” Malkin tweeted.

Then Malkin pointed out how 9News contracted outside journalists from sister stations in Dallas and Minneapolis to cover the latest on the Denver shooting. “LOL. Even @9News can’t trust @9News anymore!”

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